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Many of the dogs at Sneha's Care are street dogs who have been brought in with injuries or skin diseases. They undergo vigorous veterinary care until their health issues are resolved. They are then sterilized, vaccinated and given the best quality food to make them healthy inside and out.

Sadly, some of our dogs were once people's pets..... discarded when they become ill, when they are no longer a "cute puppy" or when they need to re-home them but can't find someone to take them into their home..... they toss them out onto the streets. The lucky pets tossed to the streets find their way to Sneha's Care where they are rehabilitated and are put up for adoption.

We also have puppies..... wonderful, adorable, smart, healthy and loving puppies...... they all need homes.

Sneha's Care will handle all of the paperwork in Nepal that will allow your adopted pet to leave the country and be transported by plane to its new home... your home. We will coordinated the plane flights and find a volunteer to accompany your dog if one can be found. We will also set up a Gofundme page to try to help cover the costs of the plane flight and ask our other partners to help us help you get your dog home.

All we ask is that if you adopt one of our dogs that you will never put it out onto the street and that if you must, for any reason, re-home the dog, that you NEVER put it into a shelter..... we would ask that you find a suitable home for your Nepali dog..... after all, it is a waste of a life to go to all of this trouble only to find out that a dog that was lucky enough to be rescued off of the streets of Nepal, one of the very lucky one's out of the 30,000 one the streets should end up languishing in a shelter only to be euthanized because you couldn't find a home for it. If all else fails, we would expect you to contact Sneha's Care or Nepal Street Animal Rescue to alert us so we would have a chance to help you find a new home.

Some of Sneha's Care Adoptable Dogs (3/31/18)
More photos being added monthly

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Puppy 16 Puppy 17  
Puppy 18 Puppy 19 Puppy 20



If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs at Sneha's Care, please contact us at:


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